Venmill 3500 Review

Been meaning to review this thing for some time, putting it off due to a pretty much state-the-obvious stance, but they say a picture paints a thousand words and I now have a few pretty ones for you.

Background reading: MyCE’s info on PI/PO/Jitter tests, the important bits of which are:

PI (Parity Inner): No larger areas on the disc should exceed 280 PI-8 errors, do not worry too much about high single spikes that exceed 280.
PIF (Parity Inner Failures): No larger areas on the disc should exceed 4 PIF-1 errors, do not worry too much about high single spikes that exceed 4.
Jitter: An average jitter value of 8% or less is considered very good. You should not worry too much if the average value is slightly above this figure.(9% – 12% = average, 12%+ = poor).
The Parity Outer stage is performed next and will detect and attempt to correct any errors that are still left after the PI stage. Any column that has errors is counted as a Parity Outer Error (POE), and any column that has un-correctable errors is counted as a Parity Outer Failure (POF). If a POF occurs the drive can sometimes re-read the problematic spot and correct the problem; this happens only during normal reading and not during scanning, however.

Well now we’re all informed, I’ll just skip the nonsense and get to the graphs, and explain later if you don’t get the message very quickly. And apologies for the size of some; they’re not resized from my screen res but make them easy to compare. As such, hit more, cos there’s lots of stuff to bore your bandwidth with.

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eBay’s INR Fraud Policy

Just encountered this posted by another user on the eBay Powerseller boards:

I phoned ebay and the rep on the other end told me’ It is normally better to open a item not arrived rather than [an Item Not As Described case], as if it hasnt arrived you can get a full refund, as if you open a wrong dispute it costs you to post it back.’

Unverified, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Might explain why there’s so many users making fraudulent INR claims.

A tale of two stores.

A quick one too.

Store A) Pick a game off the shelves, take it to the (very stressed looking, just off the phone to Parcel Force complaining they hadn’t delivered a parcel, then complaining that the number had routed them to someone who didn’t know how to find the parcel, then giving up on the parcel altogether and slamming the phone down, as if you’d give your customers the time of day if they acted like that) sole employee, who takes said game and continues to root through every boxed copy available to pick out the *worst* condition one available and sell that. Even downgraded it to a re-release version too. Marvelous.

Store B) Pick a (popular yet surprisingly cheap) game off the shelves, watch as the (always happy despite minute customer levels) sole owner verifies it is indeed the GOTY edition despite standard looking contents, then explain how it’s actually priced at the standard edition rate as they felt the GOTY was stupidly expensive anyway. Makes sense now.

What a difference crossing the road can make. No names, no enemies 😉

Next time, a tale of how a simple flourescent pen makes the difference between millions of successful orders and one ditched supplier. Oh yes, they fucked up *another* one.

A Scarier Thought

Q2 2011, iG now eBay UK’s 12th largest video game seller by sale volume. As my colleague says, time for the helicopter delivery and TV advertising. And christ, the entire stock is still only two shelving racks large. Who the hell are these other 11 sellers and how lazy are they if we can get 12th place off of a <400 sq ft office? Meh. Gotta go do more listing work. Single digit ratings await... 😉 And another plus, we ain't been looted yet. Geez if no one else bothers I'll loot the damn place myself, a kid can feel left out you know?