Sales Update

Found a whole new road full of charity shops today. Tried to count them but got all too much after the 5th in about as many meters. Seriously, they were so crammed in, there was even two stores for a single charity. The second of which was disguised as a furniture and large goods outlet, […]


The reason for my slightly agrivated nature is this: 35 games to clean and test, 13 by the end of today, over 30 to write up listings for, and about 50 more in waiting. Not helped by todays aquisitions. Whose stupid idea was it to spent £1.50 on 16 PS1 games, huh? So the day […]

Another sunny day.

Just in is a… PS2 console! Don’t get too excited, it’s not tested yet, but there’s a dance mat and game too which will no doubt be bundled with it if it doesn’t sell before auction. There’s a couple official Dual Shock 2s too, to add to the numerous Dual Shock 1s I’ve just added […]

Today’s Goodies

Well, yesterday’s actually. Sorry for the slow update, been ill for the past week but still managed to get out yesterday and find some good stuff. Started with Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX for the GameBoy Color which I saw a month ago for an extortionate price somewhere. Apparently it’s one of the best Zelda, and […]

Stock Update

Four words. Metal. Gear. Solid. Subsistence. Oh yes. Possibly one of the PS2’s most costly games, brought to you by iG. More on that in the next post though. Other stuff includes more SingStar mics, a PS3 Blu-Ray remote, a couple of SNK produced fighters and a Master System Converter for the original Mega Drive, […]