GAME Group – oh dear.

Depending on who you believe, Game Group – comprising GAME, GameStation, and until some Point larer today, Gameplay, are in big trouble. And that means you, likely Game customer, are too.

See, their credit rating’s shocking (and you dont even wanna see their share price), and supposedly there’s no cash to pay for anything up front. Which means supplier after supplier is refusing to hand over stock of the latet titles. Which brings me to the point of this post.

Here’s what some suits at Game decided on hearing EA wouldn’t let them sell Mass Effect 3, emphasis mine:

“We know [pre-order customers] will be disappointed regarding Mass Effect in particular, and in recognition of this, we will be contacting our Mass Effect pre-order customers and as a gesture of goodwill we will be offering them £5 of reward card/elite card credit.”

If that’s not clear enough, i’ll spell it out.

You give Game X pounds (in this case £5) to pre order a title.
For whatever reason, Game dont supply the title.
Game keep your £5. End of. I’d love to find the T&Cs for that.

Oh and, because you might complain and cause bad press, out of the goodness of their hearts and supposedly not something theyre legally required to do, they’ll give you £5 credit with them. Credit which we already know isnt in the best of shapes.

Yes, Game customers, you just all became Game creditors.

So thats one reason i’d be staying away from pre orders with them, or anyone for that matter.

Up next, pics of the new office 🙂

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