Time for some real hacking…


Key Card? Seriously… Key Card?

“The Eco Pro is controlled by a chip that is supplied in each consumable pack. This technology separates consumable usage into repair minutes, ensuring the highest quality repair, disc after disc. ”

Well, I did say it… “can’t be long now til some crafty guy at venmill / discotech / tdr catch on to me and make these things totally proprietary”.

Hehehe. And now for some *real* hacking, software stylee πŸ˜€ ftw πŸ™‚ How long til RTI = pwnd? Well, we all know how good they are at security. Don’t even have to get your hands dirty this time.

“The KeyCard’s primary function is to ensure that each disc comes out perfect every time. ”
“Secondly, it increases the useful life of the machine by ensuring the pads and polish are changed when needed. ”
Thirdly, it ensures supplier’s revenue stream by artificially limiting the life of consumables and preventing 3rd party consumable supplies, requiring additional keys to be purchased from licensed sources before further use. Wonder which one was the primary concern of the oem? Mwahahaha.

Here’s a much better site for info on the Eco Super: http://www.rtiecopro.com.au

“The repair pads are made from two layers of a soft absorbent foam. The liquids used in the repair process are captured within the pads.” Yeah yeah, don’t rub it in…

Eco Super’s polish contents ( apparently, 4x more effective than the DGD, cut rate of 2 to 20 microns (guessing that’s over30 sec to 2+mins):

Water: 30 – 60%
Distillates (petroleum), acid treated, light: 10 – 30%
Al2O3: 7 – 13%
Hydrotreated heavy naphtha (petroleum): 5 – 10%
Glycerin: 1 – 5%
White Mineral Oil (petroleum): 0.5 – 1.5%

A standard oil based Al2O3 polishing suspension, perhaps?

Quick money saver:


You probably want the Black #1 pads (much cheaper on eBay too). “Solution D” is added in very small quantity to tap water to make the “disc water solution” (a standard anti-static lubricating fluid available for next to nothing may work just as well). And the polish should be the same. Just watch out for the customs charges on importing liquids from abroad. Oh and, you’ll still have to hack the “key card”… looks SD shaped… mmm….

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  1. Hi Christopher, i’m a user of a disc-go-devil wich result is perfect ( as new ), i’m wondering if the eco pro-disc give a perfect result, i’m looking for this information because i’m using it for a store and i’ d like to have a disc as a new one. i hope you would give me some information on this machine. Best Regards. (sorry for my english, i’m from Belgium)

  2. Hey Olivier, I’ll ask someone who probably has one to reply as I don’t, but my guess is it’ll give better results than a DGD and much closer to new, though the larger RTI machines (eg. Eco Clever) would probably be best, but much more expensive. Personally I wouldn’t use an Eco Pro purely as you can’t stretch out the polish or use alternatives due to the key card thing, unless you know someone good with electronics who can disable it πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi Christopher, thanks for your answer. It’ll be helpfull if can ask someone who have one, i don’t want to spend money without knowing.

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