Time for some real hacking…

http://totaldiscrepair.co.uk/5055378113475.aspx Key Card? Seriously… Key Card? “The Eco Pro is controlled by a chip that is supplied in each consumable pack. This technology separates consumable usage into repair minutes, ensuring the highest quality repair, disc after disc. ” Well, I did say it… “can’t be long now til some crafty guy at venmill / discotech […]

Late Night Pondering

Nearly midnight. The time when my mind goes strange places. Like this: http://www.dvd-repair.nl/redisc1.jpg Suoya’s timer based model 6620 aka Redisc aka Aleratec CG etc etc. See that little round rocker switch on the front left? Here it is, rocking away on YouTube? Doesn’t that look familiar? http://www.plugnplay.re/images/vignettes_news/DiscGoDevil7.jpg DiscGoDevil’s power switch. Same button. Now, considering the […]


So… it’s not MicroMesh. It’s far too thin (~0.2mm, as oposed to the original 1.2ish mm). However… MM 4000 and MM 6000 both feel a lot like the original pads. Therefore, the original pads’ abrasive is roughly between 4 and 5 micron. Let’s say 5 micron. 3M Imperial Lapping Film 5 Micron (Brown) (PSA) PSA […]