Cheap Adhesive

Can’t find some 3M 300LSE Adhesive down your local B&Q? Still need something to stick that as-yet-unknown product (could they even be Buehler pads?) to your old Disc Go Devil pads? Well, fear not. 300LSE is commonly used as the adhesive for that ever so omnipresent a product, the iphone. And there’s no shortage of […]

Suoya Beans

Just found out why I can’t find any Pod/Compact machine patents held by Disc Go Tech. Ain’t their damn machine 🙂 Suoya Science & Technology Industrial Co. Ltd Producers of the Suoya SY-4 (aka. SY-4, yeah, idiot 😐 ). Model-6510 (aka. Compact), Model-6520 (Compact Plus?), Model-6620 (aka. Redisc), and plenty other bits n bobs. Re-sold […]

Pumps (+ Motors)

Disc Go Tech’s Pod / Compact pump v2: Jebao 355 – 350 l/h, 6 watt, 51*42*47mm. Cheapest UK supplier? Actually… *gasp*… TDR. As for the Disc Go Devil pump, same as the ones on the RTI / ELM eco series: Anyone got a name for those things? Oh yes, google strikes. Actually, they just had […]


Guess what DGT use for their adhesives? 3M LSE300 Low Surface Energy Acrylic Adhesive Transfer Tape Yup, another 3M product. Wouldn’t surprise me if those elusive abrasive pads were also a 3M product, however I’m still convince MicroMesh will provide just as good if not better a surface. Likewise, I’m guessing any old double-sided tape […]

RTI? Fools.

Good job all these companies aren’t in the security business. They’d be fucked. Although in their defense, most of this info comes from re-sellers. Who most likely just looked at the back of their RTI pads, and found this: That’ll be RTI’s “Blue” pad for the ECO series then. Another 3M paper, P800 grit, is […]

How-To: Make a much nicer repair machine. Then sue.

US Patent 7357696: Disc Go Tech’s primary disc repair patent; covers the same process employed by most of their machines (pod/compact/devil/solo/roberto), alas not quite so many details on actual component materials. And then que the sue. Patent wars, round 1, ding ding, etc etc.—complaint “RTI has committed, and continues to commit, contributory infringement […]