How-To: Make a £1k Disc Buffer

See the original VMI 3500 patent here 😉 Now, how does one tighten those springs… EDIT: Patent PDF – Appendix, page 8 (2nd from last page in document) – “[0348] DVD=Digital Video Disk” Hehehe silly americans :p EDIT 2: Bundle in some standard anti-static cleaning fluid, 4 x 100ml bottles, and charge £120 […]

The Cost Of Business

So, how much does a tiny one-room office two employee online retailer need to spend per month to operate? Rent: £350 Electricity: £30 Phone: £13.50 Mobile: £15.50 Internet: £11.50 Travel: £115 Insurance: tba Wages: ~£550 (for now…) Business Rates: £60 Stock Repair: £30 Postage: £1000 Packaging: £50 Printing: £20 eBay: ~£900 PayPal: ~£500 Stock: ~£7500 […]

Dirty Disc-Go Products

Super Warning Foreword: “A mixture of aluminium powder, water and metal nitrate may explode due to a self accelerating reaction.” So don’t just go round sticking that al oxide power, water and al nitrate together willy nilly unless you want a new hair-do. Still haven’t written my TDR / Disc-Go-Tech Compact Plus aka. Disc-Go-Pod review […]