iGPC Update

It’s been a while since I mentioned iGPC. I haven’t done much, but I did have a nice chat with JJ from VGPC who kindly informed me I was Still, I recon I have an up to 50 times head start. Bonus points to JJ if he figures out how/why. Or even reads this. So, […]


So much to do… where to start… ah yes. Pikmin 2! From my newly crowned best store manager in the world. Sorry Jo. Apparently I’m now not only worthy of purchasing the PS1 games they otherwise keep hidden away back store, he’s now taken to offering me all their Nintendo ones too, in fact, everything […]

Daily digest.

Cool things (ie. my hobby, well, used to be): * WoW Trading Card pack. Excellent condition. £1.00. Gotta be good… * Jurassic Park Operation Genesis PC. This sells well on the PS2, and even better on the Xbox (it’s in the top 10 most expensive US Xbox list), I had doubts about it’s value on […]

I give up. I really do.

UPDATE: Now a star of HUKD’s BitterWallet blog – www.bitterwallet.com/selling-used-stock-as-new-is-it-really-fair-game/23867. Still pondering whether anyone at Game would actually give a damn if I emailed them. Meh, I have 80 items to list before the day is out, so… ` Ignore anything I said about forgiving GAME. See image 1, shots taken from product pages linked […]