Why I bother…

So this is why I still go out in the dark, wet winter mornings when most of the city, including sellers, are still in bed: Asking price: Offers. Offer: £10. Accepted. Which means they’d have probably done it for £5. And yet I’m still pissed I don’t have a Saturn… Anyways, saw the controllers peeping […]

Game Plc, Tekin’ T’ Piss? Noooo…. Would they?

Check out my “New” copy of Resident Evil 5 Ltd Steelbook edition, as sold via Game plc. subsidary GameStation’s website. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking that security sticker, oh so familiar to pre-owned game purchasers, hides just a little more than a “New” copy of the game. And we all know […]