My Titles Suck

My hoarding skills, however…. Well nothing too interesting today, but I did find a new (ish) copy of Guitar Hero Aerosmith which is rare as sin. I recon in a few years I might make a profit off it 🙂 Top row was multibuy; Blockbuster handed over a Singstar PS3 + mics bundle for £13 […]

Hoard Updates

Yesterday’s trip to town went surprisingly well. GameStation have followed GAME in dropping PS2 prices – 4 for £20s are now 3 for £10, and 3 for £10s are now 3 for £5. So I picked up 9 for £25. And then 2x Champions: Return to Arms and two more SingStar Bollywood for £20. Don’t […]


Not so much good hoarding today, some dealer has found out about the my local car boot and unfortunately wakes before I do. Is 7am not early enough?!? Still, luckily he’s 1) only nabbing all the retro stuff, and 2) quite a nice guy really. So if he turns up here, say hi, and err… […]

iGPC Goes Live!

It’s amazing what you can do with two days free. I created the UK’s first public video game price tracking website. 😉 Well, it was a little longer than 2 days I guess, but most of the frontend was done this week. As for content, there’s not so much right now, but I’m constantly […]