Pedromon XD

You ever get that feeling in shops, when you’re in there every few days and they never have a thing even remotely good, and you know they’re just saving up for the big one? Such was the case with a newly opened charity shop in town, whom since opening a few months back haven’t even […]


Went out today with Alex’s voice in my head… buy less, buy class. Something like that. And I would have… except, the only reason I came home with so little today is probably more to do with the rain yesterday. So, after jumping over puddles in a field, here’s what I came home with today. […]

No more Xbox FTP!

Testing games. One thing I do far too much of, and the big boys don’t. Still, I don’t like to brag, but this does mean iG is fundementaly physically and morally better than most high street stores, and they’re all going to hell. Except GameStation, who at least *claim* to put them through a “rigorous […]