Sales Update

Found a whole new road full of charity shops today. Tried to count them but got all too much after the 5th in about as many meters. Seriously, they were so crammed in, there was even two stores for a single charity. The second of which was disguised as a furniture and large goods outlet, […]

Arrgghhhh. x2.

So I guess I serverely underestimated the affect a bank holiday weekend + lots of sun has on the car boots. Damn thing nearly quadrupled in size, and wallet contents went from £60 to £0 in about as fast as the F1 cars running round Monaco in a couple hours go from 0 to 60. […]

My High Value Games

It’s PS1 week over at iG’s eBay auctions (with some PS3 thrown in for extra watchers), and I’m currently going through a load of GameCube games for next week. While I’ve had time though, I’ve been adding loadsa stuff to iGPC’s database. And below you can see some (or probably most) of my current highest […]

iGPC Update

I just added my 100th product to iGPC today. Dance:UK PS1 if you must know (current GPB prices: Min 2.38, Ave 3.24, Med 2.99, Max 4.24) and have also added support for accessories, the PS1, PS3 and 360. And I was just adding the game you see to the left (Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm), and […]

Oh My Hoard

Oh dear oh dear. Guess what I’ve done today? PS1 disc cleaning, testing, Xerapoling, testing again, forgetting what tested successfully and testing again… 9 hours after I started there’s now only 5 semi working (including Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha, alas) but 24 fully working 🙂 So here’s pics of some and everything else I […]