Weekly Stock

Not much this week, just a High School Musical 3 game found lying around, the world’s most-scrached-yet-still-fully-readable copy of NBA 2K7, and a couple brand new Monster Rumble games. One of them will probably be opened so I can test another Buzz! game someone’s returning due to issues (and if you ever need to, just […]

New Look Site

Well, I did say Mario was temporary… His replacement is the ever present クラウド. That’s Cloudo san to you and me. Spot him? No? That’s probably because he’s covered up by the brand new custom built WP template. Like it? Don’t like it? Prefer FFVI / VIII / IX / X? Either way, leave a […]

More Items

*aches*. Worst. Day. Ever yesterday. Was sprinting around looking for deals at 9am yesterday, through mud fields and rivers (don’t ask), catching trains and busses and hauling around a backpack full of games and clothes, and didn’t stop until the evening,. I was dead on my feet at 7pm., so at 9.20pm obviously idiot me […]

Equation fun. Oh boy.

Ever wondered how I calculate postage costs? Well, I just decided to automate it. What fun. =IF(F10 < =1;(((D10-(D10-C10)/2.7)-0-((D10-(D10-C10)/2.7)*0.034)-0.13-0.66-0.2)*0.091)+0+((D10-(D10-C10)/2.7)*0.034)+0.13+0.66+0.2;(((D10-(D10-C10)/2.7)-0.1-((D10-(D10-C10)/2.7)*0.034)-0.13-0.66-0.2)*0.091)+0.1+((D10-(D10-C10)/2.7)*0.034)+0.13+0.66+0.2) That's how 🙂 A mario star to anyone who figures out what even one of those values represents 🙂 Extra stars to someone who can tell me how to refactor the damn thing to stop code […]

Coming Thursday

PlayStation 2 week again 🙂 with an extra PS1 and PS3 game chucked in for goodness. Crash is actually a relist from last week, apparently offering 6 different methods of payment doesn’t stop people from strangely finding they have no ability to pay for something once won 😐 . Highlights would be Naruto 2 (see […]